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PDFWAC 194-37-060

Conservation reporting requirements.

Each utility shall submit an annual conservation report to the department by June 1st using a form provided by the department. The conservation report must show the utility's progress in the preceding year in meeting the conservation targets established in RCW 19.285.040 and must include the following:
(1) The total electricity savings and expenditures for conservation by the following sectors: Residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, distribution system, and production system. A utility may report results achieved through nonutility programs, as identified in WAC 194-37-080(5), by program, if the results are not included in the reported results by customer sector. Reports submitted in odd-numbered years must include an estimate of savings and expenditures in the prior year. Reports submitted in even-numbered years must include the amount of savings and expenditures in the prior two years. All savings must be documented pursuant to WAC 194-37-080.
(2) A brief description of the methodology used to establish the utility's ten-year potential and biennial target to capture cost-effective conservation.
(3) In even-numbered years the report must include the utility's ten-year conservation potential and biennial targets established pursuant to WAC 194-37-070.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.285.080. WSR 15-07-002, § 194-37-060, filed 3/6/15, effective 4/6/15; WSR 14-04-015, § 194-37-060, filed 1/24/14, effective 2/24/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.285.080(2). WSR 08-07-079, § 194-37-060, filed 3/18/08, effective 4/18/08.]
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