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PDFWAC 194-22-120

Curtailment administration—Exemptions and adjustments.

(1) Utilities will inform consumers how to apply for exemption from plan requirements and for adjustments of base billing period data. Utilities may elect to process exemptions and adjustments only for audited consumers. Consumers seeking an exemption or adjustment shall apply first to their utility and then, if dissatisfied with that outcome, to the state.
(2) No automatic consumer exemptions will be granted under mandatory state-initiated load curtailment. Critical load consumers may be exempted once they have demonstrated to their utility that they have eliminated all nonessential energy use and are using any reliable, cost-effective back-up energy resources. Exempted consumers should be informed that exemption may not protect them from Stage 5 black-outs.
(3) Exemptions for consumers not qualifying as critical load consumers under this plan will be evaluated based on whether curtailment would result in unreasonable exposure to health or safety hazards, seriously impair the welfare of the affected consumer, cause extreme economic hardship relative to the amount of energy saved, or produce counterproductive results.
(4) Utilities will maintain a list of all consumers applying for exemption, noting the account, the nature of the requested exemption (base year adjustment or exemption from the mandatory curtailment order), the rationale provided by the consumer, and the action taken by the utility with respect to the request. Records regarding exemption determinations will be made available to the department of community, trade, and economic development upon request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21F.045. WSR 99-21-008, § 194-22-120, filed 10/8/99, effective 11/8/99; WSR 94-20-103, § 194-22-120, filed 10/4/94, effective 11/4/94.]
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