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PDFWAC 192-650-015

Are negotiated settlements of overpayments permitted?

(1) The department can accept a negotiated settlement to repay a debt of overpayment under RCW 50A.45.070. Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, a negotiated settlement of the overpayment for less than the full amount owed will be considered when requiring an employee to repay the full amount would be against equity and good conscience as defined in WAC 192-640-005.
(2) In considering settlement offers, the department will first consider whether it is financially advantageous to the department to collect the debt. The department may also consider:
(a) The age and amount of the overpayment;
(b) The number of prior contacts with the employee;
(c) If the employee previously made good faith efforts to pay the debt;
(d) The ability to enforce collection; or
(e) Other information relevant to the employee's ability to repay the debt.
(3) Except in unusual circumstances, a settlement offer will not be accepted when the employee's overpayment is the result of fraud. Unusual circumstances that may warrant a negotiated settlement of the overpayment and associated penalties include, but are not limited to, long-term or terminal illness, severe permanent disability, or other circumstances that seriously impair the employee's long-term ability to generate income.
(4) The department's decision to accept or reject a settlement offer is not subject to appeal. If the department rejects the settlement offer, the employee is permitted to make another offer if the employee's circumstances change.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50A.05.60 [50A.05.060] and 50A.25.030. WSR 20-01-087, § 192-650-015, filed 12/12/19, effective 1/12/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 50A.04.215. WSR 19-16-081, § 192-650-015, filed 7/31/19, effective 8/31/19.]
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