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Chapter 192-620 WAC

Last Update: 4/26/22


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF192-620-005What is the minimum claim duration?
HTMLPDF192-620-010How should employees request benefit payments?
HTMLPDF192-620-020What information will the department request from an employee when filing for weekly benefits?
HTMLPDF192-620-025What happens if an employee is being conditionally paid benefits?
HTMLPDF192-620-026What is the maximum amount of paid family or medical benefits to which an employee is entitled in a claim year?
HTMLPDF192-620-030How do supplemental benefit payments affect employer requirements and weekly benefit payments?
HTMLPDF192-620-035When will a weekly benefit amount be prorated?
HTMLPDF192-620-040How will the department determine the number of hours of paid family or medical leave an employee claims each week?
HTMLPDF192-620-045How will the department reduce a payment if the employee owes child support?
HTMLPDF192-620-046How can an employee appeal a deduction from weekly benefit payments to satisfy child support obligations?
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