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Chapter 192-530 WAC

Last Update: 7/29/21


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF192-530-010What are the employer application requirements for voluntary plans?
HTMLPDF192-530-020Voluntary plansEmployer plan requirements.
HTMLPDF192-530-030Voluntary plansEmployee eligibility criteria.
HTMLPDF192-530-035When must an employer with a voluntary plan provide benefit payments?
HTMLPDF192-530-040Voluntary plansNotice requirements under RCW 50A.20.020.
HTMLPDF192-530-050Avoiding a duplication of benefits under state and approved voluntary plans.
HTMLPDF192-530-060How can approved voluntary plans end and what happens when they do?
HTMLPDF192-530-070What is good cause for terminating an approved voluntary plan?
HTMLPDF192-530-090Can an employer with an approved voluntary plan make deductions from a benefit payment?
HTMLPDF192-530-100Are voluntary plans required to pay pandemic leave assistance benefits?
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