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Chapter 192-510 WAC

Last Update: 11/14/23


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF192-510-010Election, withdrawal, and cancellation of coverage.
HTMLPDF192-510-020Election of coverage for federally recognized tribes.
HTMLPDF192-510-025What wages are reportable to the department for premium assessment purposes?
HTMLPDF192-510-030How will the department determine the wages earned and hours worked for self-employed persons electing coverage?
HTMLPDF192-510-031What are reportable wages for self-employed persons electing coverage?
HTMLPDF192-510-040How does an employer's size affect liability for premiums and eligibility for small business assistance grants?
HTMLPDF192-510-045How will the department assess the size of employers for calendar years 2019 and 2020?
HTMLPDF192-510-050How will the department assess the size of new employers?
HTMLPDF192-510-060When are employer premium payments due?
HTMLPDF192-510-065When can an employer deduct premiums from employees?
HTMLPDF192-510-066How are payments applied to paid family and medical leave premiums?
HTMLPDF192-510-070What is "localization" and how does it affect conditional waivers?
HTMLPDF192-510-080What are the requirements to be eligible for a conditional premium waiver?
HTMLPDF192-510-085How will the department assess premiums when a conditional premium waiver expires?
HTMLPDF192-510-090How will the department determine the premium rate for each calendar year?
HTMLPDF192-510-095How will certain moneys owed to the trust be considered when calculating the premium rate?
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