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PDFWAC 192-50-010

Who qualifies to apply for the accessible communities grants and for reimbursement of travel, per diem and reasonable accommodation for county accessible community advisory committee meetings and committee sponsored activities? (RCW 50.40.073)

(1) For purposes of RCW 50.40.073, a county establishes that it has an active accessible community advisory committee by submitting a letter of assurance to the governor's committee on disability issues and employment containing the following:
(a) Submittal by the county legislative authority or an agent or officer acting under that authority;
(b) For a voting access advisory committee expansion, signature of the county auditor, or proof of approval by the county auditor;
(c) Description of how the county will ensure that the membership of the committee includes individuals with a diverse range of disabilities, and who are knowledgable in identifying and eliminating attitudinal, programmatic, communication, and physical barriers encountered by persons with disabilities;
(d) Description of how the county will ensure that the committee is actively involved in the following activities: Advising on addressing the needs of persons with disabilities in emergency plans; advising the county and other local governments within the county on access to programs, services, and activities, new construction or renovation projects, sidewalks, other pedestrian routes of travel, and disability parking enforcement; and developing local initiatives and activities to promote greater awareness of disability issues, and acceptance, and involvement, and access for persons with disabilities within the community; and
(e) If the committee will serve more than one county, proof of approval by the authorities for each participating county and a recent population count for each participating county including the source of the data. Counties may form joint accessible community advisory committees, as long as no more than one of the participating counties has a population greater than seventy thousand.
(2) The letter of assurance must be renewed at two-year intervals.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50.40.073. WSR 12-24-035, ยง 192-50-010, filed 11/29/12, effective 12/30/12.]
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