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PDFWAC 192-34-010


The following words and phrases as used in this chapter shall have the meanings set forth in this section unless the context otherwise requires:
(1) "Effective date of temporary total disability," for the purpose of establishing a base year, shall be Sunday of the week in which the individual:
(a) Became eligible for industrial insurance or crime victims compensation payments; or
(b) Became totally physically disabled due to a nonwork-related injury or illness.
(2) "Illness" means a condition marked by pronounced deviation from the normal healthy state, characterized by sickness, disease or disorder. The presence of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, antisocial behavior, or criminal history alone, or the commitment of an individual to a treatment program, is insufficient by itself to justify a finding of "illness" within the meaning of this chapter.
(3) "Industrial insurance" includes any program established by a public or private agency under the industrial insurance laws of this state, any other state, or the federal government to provide compensation to individuals who suffer an industrial disability that is total but of temporary duration.
(4) "Injury" means a trauma to the integrity or function of a tissue or organ and the physical conditions resulting therefrom.
(5) "Physician" means any person licensed to practice one or more of the following professions: Medicine and surgery; osteopathic medicine and surgery; chiropractic; naturopathic medicine; podiatry.
(6) "Reentry date," as it relates to a temporary total disability resulting from a nonwork-related injury or illness, shall be the date on which a physician releases the individual to return to work.
(7) "Temporary total disability" means an injury or illness, lasting thirteen or more consecutive calendar weeks, during which an individual is unable to follow continuously a substantially gainful occupation without seriously risking his or her health, as determined by a physician.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50.12.010 and 50.12.040. WSR 94-07-115, ยง 192-34-010, filed 3/21/94, effective 5/2/94.]
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