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Chapter 192-320 WAC

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HTMLPDF192-320-005What is "experience?" (RCW 50.29.021.)
HTMLPDF192-320-010When is experience transferred to a successor employer?
HTMLPDF192-320-025How are unemployment insurance tax rates determined for new employers? (RCW 50.29.025.)
HTMLPDF192-320-036How are unemployment insurance tax rates determined for employers who are delinquent on taxes or reports, beginning in rate year 2011?
HTMLPDF192-320-040When will the department recalculate employer tax rates? (RCW 50.29.080.)
HTMLPDF192-320-065How does an employer request relief of benefit charges? (RCW 50.29.021.)
HTMLPDF192-320-066Eligibility for relief from benefit charges from the COVID-19 unemployment accountSection 5, chapter 7, Laws of 2020.
HTMLPDF192-320-070What conditions apply for relief of benefit charges due to a voluntary quit? (RCW 50.29.021.)
HTMLPDF192-320-072Charging non-Washington combined-wage claims under RCW 50.29.021 (2)(j).
HTMLPDF192-320-075Charges to the separating employerRCW 50.29.021 (1)(c).
HTMLPDF192-320-077In which quarter will the department charge employers for unemployment benefits paid to claimants?
HTMLPDF192-320-078Catastrophic occurrence.
HTMLPDF192-320-080Overpayments caused by incorrect reporting of wages and hoursRCW 50.12.070 (2)(b) and 50.29.021(4).
HTMLPDF192-320-081What constitutes an "event" for the purpose of determining if there is a pattern of failing to respond timely or adequately?RCW 50.29.021(5).
HTMLPDF192-320-082How will the department determine good cause exists for failing to respond timely or adequately?RCW 50.29.021(5).
HTMLPDF192-320-083What is a written request for information?RCW 50.29.021(5).
HTMLPDF192-320-084What is an employer's agent?RCW 50.29.021(5).
HTMLPDF192-320-085When is an overpayment of benefits credited to an employer's account?
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