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Chapter 192-210 WAC

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HTMLPDF192-210-001Which employment is subject to RCW 50.44.050?
HTMLPDF192-210-005Definitions—Educational employees.
HTMLPDF192-210-010What are the objective criteria used to define "academic year"?See RCW 50.44.050(6).
HTMLPDF192-210-015How will the department decide if an individual has a contract or reasonable assurance of future work?See RCW 50.44.053.
HTMLPDF192-210-045When does RCW 50.44.050 apply if an individual works for more than one employer?
HTMLPDF192-210-050Reasonable assurance for substitute teachers—RCW 50.44.050(1).
HTMLPDF192-210-055What is the impact of voluntary quits on the between and within terms denial provisions of RCW 50.44.050?
HTMLPDF192-210-060Under what circumstances is an educational employee entitled to retroactive payments of unemployment benefits?
HTMLPDF192-210-100What is the purpose of the referral union program?
HTMLPDF192-210-105May all individuals on a union dispatch list participate in the referral union program?
HTMLPDF192-210-110What are the requirements for unions in the referral union program?
HTMLPDF192-210-115How does membership in a referral union impact a claimant's eligibility for benefits?
HTMLPDF192-210-120What are the requirements for individuals participating in the referral union program?
HTMLPDF192-210-125What information is the department responsible for providing to participating unions?
HTMLPDF192-210-200Professional athletes—RCW 50.20.113.
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