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PDFWAC 182-557-0050

Health homeGeneral.

(1) The agency's health home program provides patient-centered care to participants who:
(a) Have at least one chronic condition as defined in WAC 182-557-0100; and
(b) Are at risk of a second chronic condition as evidenced by a minimum predictive risk score of 1.5.
(2) The health home program offers six care coordination activities to assist participants in self-managing their conditions and navigating the health care system:
(a) Comprehensive or intensive care management including, but not limited to, assessing participant's readiness for self-management, promoting self-management skills, coordinating interventions tailored to meet the participant's needs, and facilitating improved outcomes and appropriate use of health care services;
(b) Care coordination and health promotion;
(c) Comprehensive transitional care between care settings including, but not limited to, after discharge from an inpatient facility (hospital, rehabilitative, psychiatric, skilled nursing, substance use disorder treatment or residential habilitation setting);
(d) Individual and family support services to provide health promotion, education, training and coordination of covered services for participants and their support network;
(e) Referrals to community and support services; and
(f) Use of health information technology (HIT) to link services between the health home and participants' providers.
(3) The agency's health home program does not:
(a) Change the scope of services for which a participant is eligible under medicare or a Title XIX medicaid program;
(b) Interfere with the relationship between a participant and his or her chosen agency-enrolled provider(s);
(c) Duplicate case management activities the participant is receiving from other providers or programs; or
(d) Substitute for established activities that are available through other programs administered by the agency or other state agencies.
(4) Qualified health home providers must:
(a) Contract with the agency to provide services under this chapter to eligible participants;
(b) Accept the terms and conditions in the agency's contract;
(c) Be able to meet the network and quality standards established by the agency;
(d) Accept the rates established by the agency; and
(e) Comply with all applicable state and federal requirements.
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