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PDFWAC 182-552-1100

Respiratory care—Covered—Suction pumps and supplies.

(1) The medicaid agency covers suction pumps and supplies when medically necessary for airway clearance or tracheostomy suctioning.
(2) The medicaid agency pays for a maximum of two suction devices per client in a five-year period as follows:
(a) The medicaid agency rents one primary suction device (stationary or portable) per client, for use in the home and one secondary suction device, per client, for backup or portability.
(b) The medicaid agency considers the suction devices purchased after twelve months rental.
(3) The medicaid agency pays for supplies for suction devices as follows:
(a) Catheter - Closed system. Limit one per day per client.
(b) Catheter - Any type other than closed system:
(i) Clients eight years of age and older, one hundred fifty per client, every thirty days;
(ii) Clients seven years of age and younger, three hundred per client, every thirty days.
(c) Oropharyngeal suction catheter, limited to four per client every thirty days.
(d) Canister - Disposable:
(i) Limited to five per client every thirty days for primary suction device;
(ii) Limited to five per client every thirty days for secondary suction device.
(e) Canister - Nondisposable. Limited to one per client every twelve months.
(f) Tubing. Limited to fifteen per client every thirty days.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021. WSR 12-14-022, § 182-552-1100, filed 6/25/12, effective 8/1/12.]
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