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PDFWAC 182-550-2501

Acute physical medicine and rehabilitation (acute PM&R) programGeneral.

Acute physical medicine and rehabilitation (acute PM&R) is a twenty-four-hour inpatient comprehensive program of integrated medical and rehabilitative services provided during the acute phase of a client's rehabilitation. The medicaid agency requires prior authorization for acute PM&R services. (See WAC 182-550-2561 for prior authorization requirements.)
(1) An interdisciplinary team coordinates individualized acute PM&R services at an agency-approved rehabilitation hospital to achieve the following for a client:
(a) Improved health and welfare; and
(b) Maximum physical, social, psychological, and educational or vocational potential.
(2) The agency determines and authorizes a length of stay based on:
(a) The client's acute PM&R needs; and
(b) Community standards of care for acute PM&R services.
(3) When the agency's authorized acute period of rehabilitation ends, the hospital provider discharges the client to the client's residence, or to an appropriate level of care. Therapies may continue to help the client achieve maximum potential through other agency programs such as:
(a) Home health services;
(b) Nursing facilities;
(c) Outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies; or
(d) Neurodevelopmental centers.
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