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PDFWAC 182-546-5550

Nonemergency transportationExclusions and limitations.

(1) The following service categories listed in WAC 182-501-0060 are subject to the following exclusions and limitations:
(a) Adult day health (ADH) - Nonemergency transportation for ADH services is not provided through the brokers. ADH providers are responsible for arranging or providing transportation to ADH services.
(b) Against medical advice (AMA) discharges - Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers for clients that elect to discharge from a facility or hospital AMA.
(c) Ambulance - Nonemergency ambulance transportation is not provided through the brokers except as specified in WAC 182-546-5200 (2)(e).
(d) Emergency department (ED) - When a client is discharged from the ED, brokers may provide transportation only to another medicaid-covered service or to the client's residence.
(e) Hospice services - Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers when the health care service is related to a client's hospice diagnosis. See WAC 182-551-1210.
(f) Medical equipment, durable (DME) - Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers for DME services, except for complex rehabilitation technology (CRT) and DME equipment that needs to be fitted to the client (such as braces/crutches, wheelchairs).
(g) Medical nutrition services - Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers to pick up medical nutrition products.
(h) Medical supplies/equipment, nondurable (MSE) - Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers for MSE services.
(i) The following mental health and substance use disorder services:
(i) Nonemergency transportation brokers generally provide one round trip per day. The broker must request agency approval for additional trips for off-site activities.
(ii) Nonemergency transportation of an involuntarily detained person under the Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) is not a service provided or authorized by transportation brokers. Involuntary transportation is a service provided by an ambulance or a designated ITA transportation provider.
(iii) Nonemergency transportation is not provided through the brokers to or from information and assistance services which include:
(A) Alcohol and drug information school;
(B) Information and crisis services; and
(C) Emergency service patrol.
(j) Program of all-inclusive care for the elderly (PACE)-nonemergency transportation for clients in the PACE program is not provided through the brokers. The PACE contractor is responsible for transportation to PACE services.
(k) Standalone pharmacy trips - Transportation that occurs solely for the purpose of picking up a medication prescribed by a health care provider from a pharmacy.
(i) The broker may provide mileage reimbursement to the client or coordinate a standalone pharmacy trip only when:
(A) The client cannot receive the medication through the mail and such transportation assistance has been requested two business days in advance; or
(B) Documentation from a medical professional has been provided to the broker that indicates medication was prescribed for a condition that requires urgent treatment.
(ii) A standalone pharmacy trip that meets the conditions of (k) of this subsection is restricted to one trip per week per household, unless documentation from a medical professional indicates the medication must be picked up urgently.
(iii) Documentation of medical necessity from the client's health care provider, pharmacy, or other medical professional is required before the broker can authorize a standalone pharmacy trip more frequently than once a week per household.
(iv) If the client has a scheduled trip to an eligible medical appointment in the same week as a pharmacy pick up, the prescription must be picked up when in route to or from the medical appointment. See WAC 182-546-5600 (3)(b).
(2) Service animals as defined in WAC 182-546-5100 may be transported with clients.
(3) The following programs do not have a benefit for brokered nonemergency transportation through the agency:
(a) Federal medicare savings and state-funded medicare buy-in programs (see chapter 182-517 WAC);
(b) Family planning services - Nonemergency transportation is not provided for clients that are enrolled only in family planning only services; and
(c) Alien emergency medical (AEM) - See WAC 182-507-0115.
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