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PDFWAC 182-533-0345

Maternity support servicesPayment.

The medicaid agency pays for the covered maternity support services (MSS) described in WAC 182-533-0330, subject to the requirements in this section:
(1) MSS are:
(a) Provided to a client who meets the eligibility requirements in WAC 182-533-0320.
(b) Provided to a client during a face-to-face encounter on an individual basis or in a group setting. If provided in a group setting, the group must consist of at least three but no more than twelve clients.
(c) Provided by a provider that meets the criteria in WAC 182-533-0325. When provided in a group setting, services may not be provided by a community health worker.
(d) Provided according to the agency's maternity support services (MSS)/infant case management (ICM) provider guide.
(e) Documented in the client's record or chart.
(f) Billed using:
(i) The eligible client's agency-assigned client identification number;
(ii) The appropriate procedure codes, modifiers, and allowed number of units identified in the agency's MSS/ICM provider guide; and
(iii) The provider's national provider identifier and MSS/ICM taxonomy.
(2) The agency:
(a) Reimburses providers for MSS-covered services using the agency's published fee schedule.
(b) Pays MSS-covered services in units of time with one unit being equal to fifteen minutes of one-to-one service delivered face-to-face.
(c) Pays MSS-covered services in units of time with one unit being more than or equal to sixty minutes for group services delivered face-to-face.
(3) The provider may request authorization for a limitation extension under WAC 182-501-0169 to exceed the number of allowed MSS units of service.
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