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WAC 182-532-730

TAKE CHARGE program—Provider requirements.

(1) A TAKE CHARGE provider must:
(a) Be a family planning provider, which may include a registered nurse (RN), a licensed practical nurse (LPN), a trained and experienced health educator, a medical assistant, or a certified nursing assistant who assists a family planning provider;
(b) Meet the requirements in chapter 182-502 WAC;
(c) Provide only those services that are within the scope of their licenses;
(d) Sign and comply with the TAKE CHARGE agreement to participate in the TAKE CHARGE demonstration and research program according to the medicaid agency's TAKE CHARGE program guidelines;
(e) Comply with the required general medicaid agency and TAKE CHARGE provider policies, procedures, and administrative practices as detailed in the agency's billing instructions;
(f) Participate in the medicaid agency's specialized training for the TAKE CHARGE demonstration and research program before providing TAKE CHARGE services;
(g) Document that each individual responsible for providing TAKE CHARGE services is trained on all aspects of the TAKE CHARGE program;
(h) If requested by the medicaid agency, participate in the research and evaluation component of the TAKE CHARGE demonstration and research program;
(i) If requested by the client, forward the client's services card and any related information to the client's preferred address within five working days of receipt;
(j) Inform the client of his or her right to seek services from any TAKE CHARGE provider within the state; and
(k) Refer the client to available and affordable nonfamily planning primary care services, as needed.
(2) Medicaid agency providers who are not TAKE CHARGE providers, (such as pharmacies, labs, and surgeons performing sterilization procedures) may give family planning pharmacy services, family planning lab services, and sterilization services to TAKE CHARGE clients.
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