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WAC 182-532-550

Family planning only program—Reimbursement and payment limitations.

(1) The medicaid agency limits reimbursement under the family planning only program to services that:
(a) Have a primary focus and diagnosis of family planning as determined by a qualified licensed medical practitioner; and
(b) Are medically necessary for the client to safely and effectively use, or continue to use, her chosen contraceptive method.
(2) The medicaid agency reimburses providers for covered family planning only services using the agency's published fee schedules.
(3) Family planning pharmacy services, family planning lab services, and sterilization services are reimbursed by the medicaid agency under the rules and fee schedules applicable to these specific programs.
(4) The medicaid agency pays a dispensing fee only for contraceptive drugs that are purchased through the 340B program of the Public Health Service Act. (See chapter 182-530 WAC.)
(5) Under WAC 182-501-0200, the medicaid agency requires a provider to seek timely reimbursement from a third party when a client has available third-party resources. The exceptions to this requirement are described under WAC 182-501-0200 (2) and (3).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 74.09.520, 74.09.657, 74.09.659, and 74.09.800. WSR 13-16-008, § 182-532-550, filed 7/25/13, effective 9/1/13. WSR 11-14-075, recodified as § 182-532-550, filed 6/30/11, effective 7/1/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.08.090, 74.09.520, and 74.09.800. WSR 05-24-032, § 388-532-550, filed 11/30/05, effective 12/31/05; WSR 04-05-011, § 388-532-550, filed 2/6/04, effective 3/8/04.]
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