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PDFWAC 182-531A-0700

Applied behavior analysis (ABA)Stage three: Delivery of ABA services.

(1) A provider must obtain prior authorization (PA) before delivery of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. To request PA, a provider must submit the following documents to the medicaid agency:
(a) The comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and multidisciplinary clinical treatment plan completed by the center of excellence (COE) described in this chapter;
(b) The ABA assessment and ABA therapy treatment plan described in this chapter; and
(c) Any documents required by the agency's ABA provider guide.
(2) After the services are prior authorized, the lead behavior analysis therapist (LBAT) or a therapy assistant (TA) implements the ABA therapy treatment plan in conjunction with other care team members. The LBAT is responsible for communicating and collaborating with other care team members to ensure consistent approaches to achieving treatment goals.
(3) If services are rendered by a TA, he or she must:
(a) Assess the client's response to techniques and report that response to the LBAT;
(b) Provide direct on-site services in the client's natural setting (for example, in the home, office, clinic, or community), or in the day services program;
(c) Be supervised directly by an LBAT for at least five percent of total direct care per week;
(d) Consult the LBAT if:
(i) Considering modifying a technique;
(ii) A barrier or challenge prevents implementation of the treatment plan; and
(iii) Clinically indicated.
(e) Ensure family involvement through modeling, coaching, and training to support generalization and maintenance of achieved behaviors;
(f) Document each visit with the client or family and include:
(i) Targeted behavior, interventions, response, modifications in techniques;
(ii) A plan for the next visit;
(iii) Behavior tracking sheets that record and graph data collected for each visit; and
(iv) Confirmation that each visit has occurred, recording the parent's signature and the date.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160. WSR 15-19-121, § 182-531A-0700, filed 9/21/15, effective 10/22/15; WSR 14-24-083, § 182-531A-0700, filed 12/1/14, effective 1/1/15.]
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