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PDFWAC 182-531-1740

Treat and refer services.

(1) The purpose of treat and refer services is to reduce the number of avoidable emergency room transports, i.e., transports that are nonemergency or nonurgent.
(2) Treat and refer services are covered health care services for a client who has accessed 911 or a similar public dispatch number, and whose condition does not require ambulance transport to an emergency department based on the clinical information available at the time of service.
(3) Treat and refer services can be provided by any city and town fire department, fire protection district organized under Title 52 RCW, regional fire protection service authority organized under chapter 52.26 RCW, provider of emergency medical services that levy a tax under RCW 84.52.069, and federally recognized Indian tribe.
(4) To receive payment for covered health care services provided to clients under this section, an entity that meets the criteria in subsection (3) of this section must be an enrolled medicaid provider with an active core provider agreement for the service period specified in the claim, and have an established community assistance referral and education services program under RCW 35.21.930.
(a) Prior to billing and receiving payment, participating providers must submit a participation agreement and attestation form to the agency certifying their compliance with RCW 35.21.930.
(b) Providers must immediately notify the agency if they no longer meet the requirements of RCW 35.21.930. Providers who no longer meet the requirements of the program and continue to bill and receive payment under the program must return any overpayment under RCW 41.05A.170.
(5) Treat and refer services must be documented in a standard medical incident report that includes a clinical or mental health assessment.
(6) The health care professionals providing treat and refer services must:
(a) Be state-certified emergency medical technicians, state-certified advanced emergency medical technicians, or state-certified paramedics under chapters 18.71 and 18.73 RCW;
(b) Be under the supervision and direction of an approved medical director according to RCW 35.21.930(1); and
(c) Not perform medical procedures they are not trained and certified to perform, according to RCW 35.21.930(1).
(7) Entities that meet the criteria in subsections (3) and (4) of this section must retain the standard medical incident report in subsection (5) of this section according to WAC 182-502-0020.
(8) Payments under this section are subject to review and audit under chapter 182-502A WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160, and 2017 c 273. WSR 19-19-090, ยง 182-531-1740, filed 9/18/19, effective 10/19/19.]
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