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PDFWAC 182-512-0950

SSI-related medicalChild-related resource exclusions and allocations.

The agency considers resources of financially responsible people to determine if a portion of the resources must be regarded as available to other household members.
(1) A portion of the resources of a parent or parents is available to the SSI-related child when the child is age seventeen or younger and the parent or parents are:
(a) Financially responsible for the SSI-related child as described in WAC 182-506-0015;
(b) The natural, adoptive, or step-parent of the child;
(c) Living in the same household with the child;
(d) Not receiving a needs-based payment such as temporary assistance to needy families (TANF), state-funded cash assistance (SFA) or SSI; and
(e) Not related to SSI or not applying for medical assistance.
(2) Resources that are deemed to the child are that child's resources.
(3) When determining whether a parent's resources are countable, the agency:
(a) Follows the resource rules described in WAC 182-512-0200 through 182-512-0300; and
(b) Excludes resources described in WAC 182-512-0350 through 182-512-0550, except for WAC 182-512-0550(16), where instead, the pension funds excluded are those owned by either parent.
(4) In determining eligibility of an SSI-related child, the child's resources include the value of the countable resources of the parent or parents that exceed the resource limit in WAC 182-512-0010 for:
(a) A person, if one parent lives in the household; or
(b) A couple, if two parents (or one parent and the spouse of that parent) live in the household.
(5) The SSI-related child is allowed all applicable resource exclusions and disregards described in this chapter from their own resources.
(6) If there is more than one child living in the household, the value of the deemed resources is divided equally among the children.
(7) An SSI-related child's total countable resources are the combination of the value of the deemed resources and the nonexcluded resources of the child.
(8) A child's countable resources are compared with the one-person resource standard under WAC 182-512-0010.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021 and 41.05.160. WSR 20-21-037, § 182-512-0950, filed 10/12/20, effective 11/12/20.]
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