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PDFWAC 182-16-3110

Prehearing conferences.

(1) A prehearing conference is a formal proceeding conducted on the record by a hearing officer to prepare for a formal administrative hearing.
(a) The hearing officer must record a prehearing conference using audio recording equipment.
(b) The hearing officer may conduct a prehearing conference in person, by telephone conference call, or in any other manner acceptable to the parties.
(2) Any party can request a prehearing conference. The hearing officer must grant each party's first request for a prehearing conference if it is filed with the hearing officer at least seven business days before the next scheduled hearing date. The hearing officer may grant requests for additional prehearing conferences.
(3) The appellant must attend or participate in any scheduled prehearing conference. If the appellant does not attend or participate in a scheduled prehearing conference, the hearing officer will enter an order of default dismissing the matter.
(4) During a prehearing conference the parties and the hearing officer may:
(a) Identify the issue or issues to be decided;
(b) Agree to the date, time, and place of any requested or necessary hearing or hearings;
(c) Identify accommodation and safety issues; or
(d) Establish a schedule for:
(i) The exchange and filing of briefs;
(ii) Providing a list of proposed witnesses;
(iii) Providing exhibit lists; and
(iv) Providing proposed exhibits before the hearing.
(5) After the prehearing conference ends, the hearing officer must enter a written order that recites the action taken at the prehearing conference, a case schedule outlining hearing dates and deadlines for exchanging witness lists and exhibits, and any other agreements reached by the parties.
(6) The hearing officer must serve the prehearing order to the parties at least fourteen calendar days before the next scheduled hearing.
(7) A party may object to the prehearing order by filing an objection with the hearing officer in writing no later than ten days after the service date of the order. The hearing officer must serve a written ruling on the objection.
(8) If no objection is made to the prehearing order, the order determines how the case will be conducted by the hearing officer, including whether a hearing will be in person or held by telephone conference, unless the hearing officer enters an amended prehearing conference order.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021 and 41.05.160. WSR 18-22-033 (Admin #2018-03), ยง 182-16-3110, filed 10/29/18, effective 1/1/19.]
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