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PDFWAC 182-12-129

What happens when an employee moves from an eligible to an otherwise ineligible position or job due to a layoff?

This section applies to employees employed by state agencies (as defined in this chapter), including benefits-eligible seasonal employees, and is intended to address situations where an employee moves from one position or job to another due to a layoff, as described in WAC 182-12-109. This section does not apply to employees with an anticipated end date.
If an employee moves from an eligible to an otherwise ineligible position due to layoff, the employee may retain their eligibility for the employer contribution toward public employees benefits board (PEBB) benefits for each month that the employee is in pay status for at least eight hours. To maintain eligibility using this section the employee must:
• Be hired into a position with a state agency within 24 months of the original eligible position ending; and
• Upon hire, notify the employing state agency that they are potentially eligible to use this section.
This section ceases to apply when the employee is employed in a position eligible for PEBB benefits under WAC 182-12-114 or at the end of the 24th month after the original eligible position ended, whichever occurs first.
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