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PDFWAC 181-78A-132

Programs approved in other states operating field experiences in Washington state.

State approved preparation programs at a regionally accredited college or university in the professional field for which certification is issued that wish to enroll candidates for certification or endorsement in a supervised field experience under WAC 181-78A-125 within Washington state shall comply with the following:
(1) Application for authorization. Each institution must submit a proposal that addresses components adopted and published by the professional educator standards board, including:
(a) Verification of regional accreditation;
(b) Verification of state approval;
(c) Verification of higher education coordinating board approval (if offering degree program);
(d) Planned certification or endorsement program;
(e) Proposed start date;
(f) Projected enrollment;
(g) Data indicating need for program related to geographic location or nature of program offered;
(h) Explanation of means by which program will ensure candidates have formalized learning opportunities rooted in Washington state standards.
(2) Field placement agreements. Institutions shall comply with requirements of WAC 181-78A-125.
(3) Institutions shall comply with applicable annual reporting requirements requested by the professional educator standards board. Failure to report any change in status as submitted under subsection (1)(a) through (h) of this section may result in a loss of authorization to operate field placements in Washington state.
(4) The professional educator standards board shall publish on its website a list of those out-of-state programs approved to offer field experiences within Washington state.
(5) The professional educator standards board shall publish on its website relevant program approval status information on the out-of-state program from the state in which the program is approved.
(6) Out-of-state institutions with candidates needing to arrange a supervised field experience within Washington state on an infrequent basis for a limited number of candidates may work with a professional educator standards board approved program to arrange a placement or may seek a waiver for the requirements of this section, except for subsection (2) of this section, from the professional educator standards board. Washington state approved programs facilitating field experience for out-of-state institutions will report annually to the professional educator standards board the name of the institution(s) and number of placements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.210. WSR 09-24-047, ยง 181-78A-132, filed 11/24/09, effective 12/25/09.]
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