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PDFWAC 174-123-430

Initial order.

(1) In addition to complying with WAC 174-123-310, the hearing panel will be responsible for conferring and drafting an initial order that:
(a) Identifies the allegations of sexual harassment;
(b) Describes the grievance and disciplinary procedures, starting with filing of the formal complaint through the determination of responsibility, including notices to parties, interviews with witnesses and parties, site visits, methods used to gather evidence, and hearings held;
(c) Makes findings of fact supporting the determination of responsibility for each charge;
(d) Reaches conclusions as to whether the facts establish whether the respondent is responsible for engaging in sexual harassment in violation of Title IX;
(e) Contains a statement of, and rationale for, the hearing panel's determination of responsibility for each allegation;
(f) Describes any disciplinary sanction or conditions imposed against the respondent, if any;
(g) Describes to what extent, if any, the complainant is entitled to remedies designed to restore or preserve the complainant's equal access to Evergreen's educational programs or activities; and
(h) Describes the process for appealing the initial order.
(2) The hearing panel chair will serve the initial order on the parties simultaneously.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120(12). WSR 21-10-022, ยง 174-123-430, filed 4/26/21, effective 5/27/21.]
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