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PDFWAC 174-123-300

Appeal panel proceedingsPanel composition.

(1) The student conduct appeal panel will be composed of three members consisting of one faculty member, one staff member, and one student. One member will be designated by the senior college official or designee to serve as the chair of the student conduct appeal panel for a hearing.
(2) The faculty agenda committee will designate faculty members to serve on the student conduct appeal panel as needed.
(3) The senior college official or designee will be responsible for designating the student and staff members serving on the panel. The student members, including the selection of alternate members to serve as necessary, will be done through an open selection process established by the senior college official or designee.
(4) All panel members hearing cases involving sexual misconduct will have received training within the previous twelve months on the issues related to domestic violence, relationship violence, sexual misconduct, and stalking and how to conduct an investigation and hearing process that protects the safety of complainants, ensures fair proceedings, and promotes accountability in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct.
(5) Members of the student conduct appeal panel will not participate in any case in which they are involved as a complainant or witness; or in which there is direct or personal interest, prejudice, or bias; or in which previous actions have been taken in an advisory capacity.
(6) A party may request removal of a member of the panel at the beginning of the hearing for reasons of bias, prejudice, or conflict of interest. The chair of the panel will be responsible for making decisions regarding removal, unless the student is requesting removal of the chair. When there is a request to remove the chair, and the chair does not voluntarily step down, the remaining members will vote on whether removal is warranted. If the remaining members disagree, the chair will be removed, and the senior college official will appoint an appropriate alternate member (i.e., faculty, student or staff) to serve on the panel for the removed member. The senior college official will also appoint the panel chair to replace the removed chair, the parties can agree in writing to proceed with the hearing with only two members setting aside the replacement measures.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 18-17-102, § 174-123-300, filed 8/15/18, effective 9/15/18.]
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