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PDFWAC 174-123-110

The Evergreen State College code of student rights and responsibilities.

This chapter will be known as the code of student rights and responsibilities (code) for The Evergreen State College.
A community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. At The Evergreen State College, student members of the community are expected to uphold and abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the code of student rights and responsibilities. These standards are embodied within a set of core values reflected in the college mission that include integrity, social justice, respect, community, and responsibility.
This document is to be understood in connection with WAC 174-121-010 Social contract, which is an aspirational document about how we wish to uphold our community, and to ensure an optimal experience for everyone involved in the college community.
The Evergreen State College can thrive only when all members of the community participate in the social contract, which prizes academic and interpersonal honesty, conveys our commitment to resolving differences with a strong will toward collaboration, and protects community values and individual rights. The code of student rights and responsibilities states specific procedures and standards for upholding the values and aspirations expressed in the social contract. Specifically, the code strives to afford opportunities for informal resolution, restorative practices, and education.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 18-17-102, § 174-123-110, filed 8/15/18, effective 9/15/18; WSR 12-03-040, § 174-123-110, filed 1/10/12, effective 2/10/12.]
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