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PDFWAC 173-98-320

Forgivable principal.

Forgivable principal. The department will use Table 3 to determine the amount of forgivable principal loan funding provided to an eligible hardship project. Financial hardship will be determined based on the provisions in WAC 173-98-300 and the ceiling amounts in WAC 173-98-520. In addition, in accordance with the act, the department must consider unemployment for the purposes of awarding forgivable principal loan for hardship.
Table 3
Forgivable Principal for Hardship
Sewer user fee divided by MHI is:
Below two percent (nonhardship)
Above two but below three percent (moderate hardship)
Above three but below five percent (elevated hardship)
Above five percent (severe hardship)
Forgivable principal eligibility:
Not eligible
Fifty percent up to ceiling amount
Seventy-five percent up to ceiling amount
One hundred percent up to ceiling amount
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