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PDFWAC 173-50-110

Provisional accreditation.

(1) The ecology accrediting authority may grant provisional accreditation to laboratories which can consistently produce valid analytical data but have deficiencies requiring corrective action. When the laboratory has corrected such deficiencies, it must provide evidence of correction to the lab accreditation unit, or request a follow-up on-site audit, as appropriate. If the lab accreditation unit determines the deficiencies have been corrected, the ecology accrediting authority awards full accreditation as in WAC 173-50-090.
(2) The ecology accrediting authority may renew a provisional accreditation for a subsequent accreditation period if laboratory management has demonstrated that all reasonable measures to correct deficiencies have been exhausted.
(3) For drinking water laboratories, specific conditions warranting provisional accreditation and specific actions required of the laboratory when provisional accreditation is granted are found in the drinking water certification manual.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.230, 43.20.050 and 2009 c 564 § 301. WSR 10-17-032 (Order 09-09), § 173-50-110, filed 8/9/10, effective 9/9/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.230. WSR 02-20-090 (Order 01-12), § 173-50-110, filed 10/1/02, effective 11/1/02; WSR 90-21-090 (Order 90-21), § 173-50-110, filed 10/19/90, effective 11/19/90; WSR 89-10-001 and 90-07-017 (Order 89-1 and 89-1A), § 173-50-110, filed 4/20/89 and 3/13/90, effective 4/13/90.]
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