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PDFWAC 173-50-070

Proficiency testing (PT).

(1) The lab accreditation unit advises applying laboratories of specific requirements for participation in proficiency testing (PT) studies for applicable parameters. Proficiency tests conducted under the provisions of other recognized programs may be used to satisfy these requirements. The lab accreditation unit determines the sufficiency of such proficiency tests.
(2) Accredited laboratories must analyze a minimum of one PT sample per applicable microbiology parameter per year and two PT samples for applicable chemistry parameters per year. For chemistry parameters, after an accredited laboratory submits two satisfactory PT sample results and no unsatisfactory results in an accreditation year, the laboratory is required to submit only one satisfactory PT sample result in subsequent accreditation years. This applies as long as there are no intervening unsatisfactory PT sample results.
(3) The lab accreditation unit may require the laboratory to submit raw data along with the report of analysis of PT samples.
(4) The lab accreditation unit may waive proficiency tests for certain parameters if PT samples are not readily available or for other valid reasons.
(5) Applying laboratories are responsible for obtaining PT samples from vendors approved by the lab accreditation unit. No fee shall be charged to the department for the purchase or analysis of PT samples.
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