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PDFWAC 173-424-710

Public disclosure.

(1) List of ecology-approved registered parties. Ecology will maintain a current list of ecology-approved registered parties and will make that list publicly available on its website. The list will include, at a minimum, the name of the registered party and whether the registered party is an importer of blendstocks, a large importer of finished fuels, a small importer of finished fuels, a producer, a credit generator, or an aggregator.
(2) All information submitted as application materials in the WFRS that are not identified as trade secrets or confidential business information are subject to public disclosure pursuant to Washington Public Records Act (chapter 42.56 RCW). If ecology approved the application, the carbon intensity value(s) and its associated fuel pathway code(s) will be posted publicly on the CFP website and incorporated into the WFRS for use by fuel reporting entities.
(3) Monthly credit trading activity report. Ecology must post on its web page, by no later than the last day of the month immediately following the month for which the calculation is completed, a credit trading activity report that:
(a) Summarizes the aggregate credit transfer information for the:
(i) Most recent month;
(ii) Previous three months;
(iii) Previous three quarters; and
(iv) Previous compliance periods;
(b) Includes, at a minimum:
(i) The total number of credits transferred;
(ii) The number of transfers;
(iii) The number of parties making transfers; and
(iv) The formula ecology used to calculate the volume-weighted average price of that month's transfers, exclusive of transactions that fall two standard deviations outside of the mean credit price for the month or that are transferred without a price;
(c) Is based on the information submitted into the WFRS; and
(d) Presents aggregated information on all fuel transacted within the state and does not disclose individual parties' transactions.
(4) Quarterly data summary. Ecology must post on its web page at least quarterly:
(a) An aggregate data summary of credit and deficit generation for the most recent quarter and all prior quarters; and
(b) Information on the contribution of credit generation by different fuel types.
(5) Clean fuels program annual report. Ecology must post on its web page by April 15th of each year, the following information from the previous year:
(a) The average cost or cost-savings per gallon of gasoline, per gallon of diesel, or any other fuel types, and the formulas used to calculate such costs or cost-savings; and
(b) The total greenhouse gas emissions reductions.
(6) Utility reports. Ecology will post the utility reports it receives under WAC 173-424-420(7) to its website.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70A.535 RCW. WSR 22-24-004 (Order 21-04), ยง 173-424-710, filed 11/28/22, effective 12/29/22.]
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