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PDFWAC 173-407-320

Ecology's consultation with consumer-owned utilities under Part II.

(1) The governing boards of consumer-owned utilities may consult with ecology to determine whether the baseload electric generation supplied under a long-term financial commitment complies with the GHG EPS in WAC 173-407-130 in effect at the time the long-term financial commitment is signed.
(2) Ecology's assistance will be limited to providing technical support for the board to interpret, clarify or otherwise determine that the proposed long-term financial commitment for baseload electric generation will comply with the GHG EPS.
(3) The governing board of consumer-owned utilities must apply the conditions in WAC 173-407-300, 173-407-140, 173-407-150, and 173-407-160 to verify the emissions of GHG from baseload electric generation.
(4) The governing board may request assistance from ecology in performing the analyses in subsection (3) of this section.
(5) Ecology will provide technical support within thirty days of receiving all necessary information unless the governing board grants additional time.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 80.80 RCW. WSR 18-05-091 (Order 16-12), § 173-407-320, filed 2/21/18, effective 3/24/18; WSR 08-14-011 (Order 07-11), § 173-407-320, filed 6/19/08, effective 7/20/08.]
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