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PDFWAC 173-360A-1087

Appendix HCertification of acknowledgment.

State of Washington
County of
On this [date], before me personally came [owner or operator] to me known, who, being by me duly sworn, did depose and say that she/he resides at [address], that she/he is [title] of [corporation], the corporation described in and which executed the above instrument; that she/he knows the seal of said corporation; that the seal affixed to such instrument is such corporate seal; that it was so affixed by order of the board of directors of said corporation; and that she/he signed her/his name thereto by like order.
[Signature of notary public]
[Name of notary public]
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.76 RCW. WSR 18-15-083 (Order 16-02), § 173-360A-1087, filed 7/18/18, effective 10/1/18.]
Reviser's note: The brackets and enclosed material in the text of the above section occurred in the copy filed by the agency.
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