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PDFWAC 173-342-010

Purpose and authority.

The purposes of this chapter are to establish requirements for the addition or deletion of materials to the list of hazardous substances which are subject to the state hazardous substance tax pursuant to chapter 2, Laws of 1989, and to list or delete those substances.
It is the intent of this rule to add only materials which are similar to those previously defined by the Model Toxics Control Act as taxable hazardous substances. Those are, in general terms, petroleum products, pesticide products, and chemicals. Manufactured products which may be environmentally detrimental, but not of special hazard, such as plastic containers, solid metals, and wood products or wood fibers are not of this type.
The authority to add or delete additional substances is granted under section 9, chapter 2, Laws of 1989.
[Statutory Authority: 1989 c 2. WSR 90-03-020, ยง 173-342-010, filed 1/9/90, effective 2/9/90.]
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