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PDFWAC 173-337-025

Acronyms and definitions.

Unless ecology determines the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply for the purposes of this chapter.
"Bisphenol" means a chemical with two phenol rings connected by a single linker atom. The linker atom and phenol rings may have additional substituents.
"Chemical abstracts service registry number" or "CAS RN" means the number assigned for identification of a particular chemical by the chemical abstracts service, a service of the American Chemical Society that indexes and compiles abstracts of worldwide chemical literature called chemical abstracts.
"Consumer product" means any item, including any component parts and packaging, sold for residential or commercial use.
"Ecology" means the Washington state department of ecology.
"Electronic display" means a display screen and associated electronics that, as its primary function, displays visual information from wired or wireless sources.
"Environmental justice" means the term as defined in chapter 70A.02 RCW.
"Existing stock" means consumer products in commerce at the time a restriction takes effect.
"External enclosures" means the external part of the finished product that renders inaccessible all or any parts of the equipment that may otherwise present a risk of electric shock, or retards propagation of flame initiated by electrical disturbances occurring within, or both.
"FDA" means the United States Food and Drug Administration.
"Flame retardant" means a chemical that is added to or reacted with a material to effectively retard flames. Chemicals used in the product to provide anti-drip function are not flame retardants if other chemicals are explicitly used for the purpose of flame retardancy.
"Inaccessible electronic component" means a part or component of an electronic product that is located inside and entirely enclosed within another material and is not capable of coming out of the product or being accessed during any reasonably foreseeable use or abuse of the product.
"Intended for indoor use" means a product not "intended for outdoor use" as defined in this chapter.
"Intended for outdoor use" means a product designed for use in an outdoor setting and to maintain functionality after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, exposure to water, or immersion.
"Intentionally added priority chemical" or "intentionally added" means a chemical that serves an intended function in the final product or in the manufacturing of the product or part of the product. Chemicals present from the use of recycled materials are not considered "intentionally added priority chemicals."
"Manufacturer" means any person, firm, association, partnership, corporation, governmental entity, organization, or joint venture that produces a product or is an importer or domestic distributor of a product sold or offered for sale in or into the state.
"Organohalogen" means a class of chemicals that includes any chemical containing one or more halogen elements bonded to a carbon.
"Ortho-phthalates" means synthetic chemical esters of benzenedicarboxylic acid consisting of two carboxy groups at ortho positions.
"Overburdened community" means the term as defined in chapter 70A.02 RCW.
"Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances" or "PFAS" means a class of fluorinated organic chemicals containing at least one fully fluorinated carbon atom.
"Phenolic compounds" means alkylphenol ethoxylates and bisphenols.
"ppm" means parts per million.
"Previously owned product" means a priority consumer product owned by an end user or consumer, regardless of whether that end user purchased the product.
"Priority chemical" means a chemical or chemical class identified by ecology as a priority chemical under chapter 70A.350 RCW, or a chemical or chemical class identified in chapter 70A.350 RCW, or both.
"Priority consumer product" means a product identified by ecology to be a significant source or use of a priority chemical.
"RCW" means the Revised Code of Washington.
"Sell" or "offering to sell" includes, but is not limited to, wholesale, online, and retail.
"Sensitive population" means the term as defined in chapter 70A.350 RCW.
"Thermal paper" means a paper coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat.
"TMBPF" means tetramethyl bisphenol F (CAS RN: 5384-21-4).
"U.S.C." means the United States Code.
"WAC" means the Washington Administrative Code.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70A.350 RCW. WSR 23-12-044 (Order 21-01), ยง 173-337-025, filed 5/31/23, effective 7/1/23.]
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