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PDFWAC 173-310-060

Minimum standards.

Litter receptacles obtained and placed in public places as required by this chapter shall meet the following minimum standards:
(1) General specifications.
(a) The body of each litter receptacle must be constructed of a minimum of 24-gauge galvanized metal or other material of equivalent strength, that will with normal wear and tear, reasonably resist corrosion and acts of vandalism.
(b) All outside edges of each litter receptacle must be rounded.
(c) Openings in covered litter receptacles must be readily identifiable and readily accessible for the deposit of litter.
(d) Construction and general configuration of litter receptacles must be in conformance with all pertinent laws, ordinances, resolutions or rules pertaining to fire, safety, public health or welfare.
(2) Color and marking.
(a) The entire outer surface of each litter receptacle must be colored medium green conforming with Federal Color Standard No. 595A, Color No. 24424, or Color No. 34424.
(b) Each litter receptacle shall bear the official anti-litter symbol, as adopted herein. The symbol must be colored deep blue conforming with Federal Color Standard No. 595A, Color No. 15180. The symbol may not be distorted as to proportion and may not be incorporated into a commercial advertisement on the receptacle. For litter receptacles along the right of way of public highways, the symbol must be of a size so as to be distinguishable from a minimum distance of 75 feet.
(c) The words "Deposit Litter" must be placed on the litter receptacle. Lettering used for these two words must be block-type capital letters to be readily legible at a distance of 30 feet.
(d) No commercial advertisement may be placed on any litter receptacle. However, the person owning any receptacle may place a single line on the receptacle identifying his ownership, and a single credit line designating any donor of the litter receptacle other than the owner may also be placed on the receptacle: Provided, That the lettering does not exceed the size specified for the words "Deposit Litter," and does not interfere with or distract from the prominence of the anti-litter symbol.
(3) Maintenance. Compliance with these minimum standards shall include proper upkeep, maintenance and repair of litter receptacles sufficient to permit the receptacles to serve the functions for which they were designed and to prevent the appearance of the receptacles from becoming unsightly. Inadequately maintained or unsightly litter receptacles are in violation of these minimum standards.
(4) Wherever litter receptacles are placed in any public place other than where required by this chapter, the receptacles shall conform to the provisions of this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.93 RCW. WSR 00-19-015 (Order 00-18), § 173-310-060, filed 9/8/00, effective 10/9/00; Order 72-10, § 173-310-060, filed 5/15/72, effective 9/1/72.]
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