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PDFWAC 173-308-90003

Appendix 3—Minimum content for a site specific land application plan.

(1) Whether or not it is known or can be determined that biosolids containing pollutants in excess of the values WAC 173-308-160 Table 3 have ever been applied to the site, and if so:
(a) The date(s) when the biosolids were applied (if known).
(b) The amount of biosolids applied (if known).
(c) The concentrations of the pollutants in the biosolids (if known).
(d) The area(s) of the site to which the biosolids were applied (if known).
(2) A discussion of the types of crops grown or expected to be grown, their intended end use (e.g., pasture grass for a feed crop, corn as a food crop), and the current distribution of crops on the site.
(3) An explanation of how agronomic rates will be determined during the life of the site, along with any currently available calculations. Whenever agronomic rates or the method used to determine agronomic rates change, an update of the agronomic rate calculations must be filed with the department.
(4) Method(s) of application.
(5) Seasonal and daily timing of biosolids applications.
(6) Provisions for conducting any sampling of soils, surface waters, or groundwater and any available data collected from the site within the last two years.
(7) The name of the county and water resource inventory area where biosolids will be applied.
(8) A description of how biosolids will be stored at the site that also addresses related offsite storage.
(9) Map(s) for the site(s) must be submitted. Maps must be of an appropriate scale to show the detail necessary for evaluation of the proposed application areas and so that a person may reasonably be able to locate the sites and any application units within a site (for example, 1:7,920 (eight inches to the mile) for detailed information with an overview map at 1:63,360 (one inch to the mile)). Minimally, maps must provide the following information:
(a) A legend.
(b) The location and means of access.
(c) Specific areas of the site where biosolids may be applied. If there is more than one site or more than one application unit within a site, a site or unit ID number should be included.
(d) The number of acres in the site or in any distinct application unit within a site.
(e) Location and extent of any wetlands on the site.
(f) A topographic relief of the application site and surrounding area.
(g) Adjacent properties and uses and their zoning classification.
(h) Any seasonal surface water bodies located on the site.
(i) Any perennial surface water bodies located on or within one-quarter mile (402 meters) of the site.
(j) The location of any wells located on or within one-quarter mile (402 meters) of the site that are listed in public records or otherwise known to the applicant, whether for domestic, irrigation, or other purposes.
(k) Buffer zones to features such as surface waters, wells, property boundaries, and roadways and the width of the buffer zones.
(l) The presence and extent of any threatened or endangered species or related critical habitat.
(m) The location of any critical areas on site, as required to be identified under chapter 36.70A RCW in the county's growth management plan.
(n) The location and size of any areas that will be used to store biosolids.
(10) If the seasonal groundwater is three feet (0.91 meters) or less below the surface, a management plan describing how you will protect groundwater. For example, you may propose to limit applications to the time of year when groundwater has receded to less than three feet (0.91 meters) below the surface.
(11) A description of how access to the site will be restricted (e.g., signs posted around the site or other approved method of access restriction).
(12) A copy of the landowner agreement required under WAC 173-308-120(6).
(13) Any additional information requested by the department that is needed to evaluate the appropriateness of the site for biosolids application.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 70.95J and 70.95 RCW. WSR 07-12-010 (Order 06-06), § 173-308-90003, filed 5/24/07, effective 6/24/07.]
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