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PDFWAC 173-306-480

Treatment (including solidification and stabilization) standards.

(1) Applicability. The standards of this section apply to treatment, as defined in WAC 173-306-100, of any special incinerator ash subject to this chapter. These standards do not apply to the manual or mechanical removal of ferrous metal from ash residues.
(2) Requirements. All owners and operators shall design, construct, operate, maintain, and close treatment facilities so as to:
(a) Meet the general facility standards of WAC 173-306-405;
(b) Only treat special incinerator ash in tanks, reaction vessels, furnaces (such as glass furnaces), containers, or totally enclosed treatment facilities (such as pipelines). No treatment process may be designed to occur in ash piles, surface impoundments, or land treatment facilities;
(i) The department shall review and approve tank and reaction vessel design. All tanks and reaction vessels will be closed or otherwise designed to avoid emissions of dusts or vapors to the atmosphere. Tanks and reaction vessels must be of sufficient thickness and corrosion resistance to prevent rupture;
(ii) Totally enclosed treatment facilities must be in good condition and of a design and construction to avoid rupture under maximum operating conditions and must be capable of being inspected periodically; and
(iii) Furnaces must be in good condition structurally, designed and operated to accept only special incinerator ash and capable of being inspected periodically. The department may review and approve furnace design.
(c) Meet the performance standards of WAC 173-306-440(2). The department shall specify the type and frequency of all sampling and monitoring necessary to assure compliance.
(d) Assure that treatment of special incinerator ash occurs under conditions spelled out in prototype, pilot plant or full scale operation. The design must be approved by the department and the department shall specify operating conditions.
(e) Control fugitive dust emissions in the handling of special incinerator ash by:
(i) Collecting and handling in enclosed buildings or the equivalent (e.g., covered conveyors and transfer points); and
(ii) Adding moisture, dust suppressants, or other methods as necessary.
(f) Comply with chapter 296-62 WAC, the general occupational health standards.
(g) Assure that treated special incinerator ash is disposed of according to this chapter or chapter 173-304 WAC, the minimum functional standards for solid waste, if the residues are designated as solid waste.
(h) Close the treatment facility according to the requirements of WAC 173-306-410.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.138 RCW. WSR 00-19-018 (Order 00-17), § 173-306-480, filed 9/8/00, effective 10/9/00; WSR 90-10-047, § 173-306-480, filed 4/30/90, effective 5/31/90.]
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