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PDFWAC 173-304-440

Energy recovery and incinerator standards.

(1) Applicability. These standards apply to all facilities designed to burn more than twelve tons of solid waste per day, except for facilities burning woodwaste or gases recovered at a landfill.
(2) Requirements for energy recovery facilities and incinerators.
(a) Incinerators and energy recovery facilities storing putrescible wastes shall be confined to storage compartments specifically designed to store wastes temporarily in piles, surface impoundments, tanks or containers. The storage facilities shall meet the facility standards of WAC 173-304-400. Storage of wastes other than in the specifically designed storage compartments is prohibited. Equipment and space shall be provided in the storage and charging areas, and elsewhere as needed, to allow periodic cleaning as may be required in order to maintain the plant in a sanitary and clean condition;
(b) All residues from energy recovery facilities or incinerator facilities shall be used, handled or disposed of as solid or dangerous wastes according to these standards or the standards of the dangerous waste regulation, chapter 173-303 WAC;
(c) Each owner or operator of an energy recovery facility or incinerator facility shall comply with WAC 173-304-405. The plan of operation shall address alternative storage, and/or disposal plans for all breakdowns that would result in overfilling of the storage facility;
(d) Energy recovery facilities and incinerators must be designed, constructed and operated in a manner to comply with appropriate state and local air pollution control authority emission and operating requirements;
(e) Each owner or operator shall close their energy recovery facility or incinerator by removing all ash, solid wastes and other residues to a permitted facility;
(f) Each owner or operator of an energy recovery facility or incinerator shall be required to provide recycling facilities in a manner equivalent to WAC 173-304-460 (4)(f); and
(g) Owners or operators of energy recovery facilities or incinerators shall not knowingly dispose of, treat, store or otherwise handle dangerous waste unless the requirements of chapter 173-303 WAC are met.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21A RCW. WSR 85-22-013 (Order 85-18), ยง 173-304-440, filed 10/28/85.]
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