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PDFWAC 173-304-010

Authority and purpose.

This regulation is promulgated under the authority of chapter 70.95 RCW to protect public health, to prevent land, air, and water pollution, and conserve the state's natural, economic, and energy resources by:
(1) Setting minimum functional performance standards for the proper handling of all solid waste materials originating from residences, commercial, agricultural and industrial operations and other sources;
(2) Identifying those functions necessary to assure effective solid waste handling programs at both the state and local level;
(3) Following the direction set by the legislature for the management of solid waste in order of descending priority as applicable:
(a) Waste reduction;
(b) Waste recycling;
(c) Energy recovery or incineration;
(d) Landfill.
(4) Describing the responsibility of persons, municipalities, regional agencies, state and local government under existing laws and regulations related to solid waste;
(5) Requiring use of the best available technology for siting, and all known available and reasonable methods for designing, constructing, operating and closing solid waste handling facilities; and
(6) Establishing these standards as minimum standards for solid waste handling to provide a statewide consistency and expectation as to the level at which solid waste is managed throughout the state. Local ordinances setting standards for solid waste handling shall not be less stringent than these minimum standards, and shall be adopted not later than one year after the effective date of this regulation. Local ordinances need not adopt WAC 173-304-011, County planning requirements, but shall otherwise comply with the requirements of WAC 173-304-011. Solid waste regulations or ordinances adopted by counties, cities, or jurisdictional boards of health shall be filed with the department ninety days following adoption.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.21A RCW. WSR 85-22-013 (Order 85-18), ยง 173-304-010, filed 10/28/85.]
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