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PDFWAC 173-303-500

Recycling requirements for state-only dangerous waste.

(1) Applicability. This section applies to the recycling of state-only dangerous waste that are not regulated as hazardous wastes (defined in WAC 173-303-040) by EPA. (Also, see WAC 173-303-120 (3) and (5).)
(2) Standards.
(a) If state-only dangerous wastes are recycled in any of the ways described in WAC 173-303-505 through 173-303-525, then such recycling is subject to the respective requirements of WAC 173-303-505 through 173-303-525, except as provided in (c) of this subsection.
(b) If state-only dangerous wastes are recycled in any way not specifically described in WAC 173-303-505 through 173-303-525, then such recycling is subject to the requirements of WAC 173-303-120(4), except as provided in (c) of this subsection.
(c) Recyclers who receive state-only dangerous wastes from offsite and who store the wastes in containers or tanks may, in lieu of the provisions for storing dangerous wastes prior to recycling, comply with:
(i) WAC 173-303-060;
(ii) WAC 173-303-370 (if the dangerous waste received must be accompanied by a manifest); and
(iii) The following requirements, provided that the dangerous waste is recycled within ninety days of the date it is received by the recycler:
(A) WAC 173-303-330 through 173-303-360;
(B) WAC 173-303-630 (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (8) and (9), for containers;
(C) WAC 173-303-640 (3), (4), (5), (6) and (7), for tanks; and
(D) WAC 173-303-630(7) for new container areas installed after September 30, 1986, and WAC 173-303-640(2) for new tanks installed after September 30, 1986.
(d) The department may require a recycler who is storing his waste under the provisions of (c) of this subsection to comply with the provisions for storing dangerous waste prior to recycling specified in WAC 173-303-505 through 173-303-525 and 173-303-120(4) if:
(i) The recycler fails to comply with the requirements of (c) of this subsection; or
(ii) The department determines, on a case-by-case basis, that the requirements of (c) of this subsection do not adequately protect public health or the environment.
(3) Relief from standards. The owner/operator of a facility recycling dangerous wastes under the provisions of this section may ask the department to provide relief from any of the applicable requirements of this section. Requests for relief must be submitted as described in (a) of this subsection. Requests for relief will be approved or denied as described in (b) of this subsection.
(a) A request for relief must be submitted by the recycler to the department in writing and must describe the standards from which the recycler is seeking relief. The request must include:
(i) The facility name, EPA/state identification number, address, telephone number, and a contact person at the facility;
(ii) The waste(s) managed at the facility and the type(s) recycling;
(iii) The specific standards from which the owner/operator seeks relief;
(iv) A description, for each standard, demonstrating:
(A) Why the owner/operator believes the standard to be unnecessary;
(B) How public health and the environment will continue to be protected if the standard is not applied to the facility; and
(C) Any evidence supporting the contention that public health and the environment will be adequately protected if the standard is not applied (e.g., test data, diagrams, experiences at similar facilities, records, reports, etc.); and
(v) The following certification, signed and dated by a person who would be authorized to sign a report under WAC 173-303-810 (12)(b):
"I certify under penalty of law that I have personally examined and am familiar with the information submitted in this request and all attachments and that, based on my inquiry of those individuals immediately responsible for obtaining the information, I believe that the information is true, accurate, and complete. I am aware that there are significant penalties for submitting false information, including the possibility of fine and imprisonment."
The department may ask for any additional information it deems necessary, and will not consider approval of the owner's/operator's request until all necessary information has been submitted. Failure to provide any of the information required may result in the department's denying the owner's/operator's request.
(b) The department will review any requests submitted pursuant to (a) of this subsection, and based on the adequacy of the information provided in the request will approve or deny all or any part of the request. The department will notify the recycler of its decision in writing. If the department decides to approve all or part of the request and the recycler agrees with the department's decision, then the department will proceed to grant the approval as described below. No approval will be effective until the procedures described below have been completed.
(i) For facilities which are required to have a final facility permit, the department will follow the procedures for issuing (or, for facilities which already have a final facility permit, the procedures for modifying) a final facility permit, as described in WAC 173-303-806. The new or modified final facility permit will include the standards the owner/operator must meet.
(ii) For all other types of recycling facilities, the department will issue a notice of modification stating what standards will be applied. Before issuing the notice of modification, the department will provide public notice of its intent, will allow thirty days for public comment, and will hold a public hearing if there is a significant degree of public interest or there is written notice of opposition and the department receives a request for a hearing during the comment period. Notice of a public hearing will be provided at least fifteen days in advance, and the public comment period will be extended to include the date of the hearing if it will occur after the initial thirty-day comment period. Within fifteen days of the end of the public comment period the department will, based on comments received, issue, modify and issue, or deny the notice of modification.
(c) Failure to comply with the conditions and standards as stated in the permit or notice of modification issued under (b) of this subsection will form a basis for modifying or revoking the permit or notice of modification.
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