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PDFWAC 173-27-130

Filing with department.

(1) All applications for a permit or a permit revision shall be submitted to the department by return receipt requested mail upon a final decision by local government. Final decision by local government shall mean the order or ruling, whether it be an approval or denial, which is established after all local administrative appeals related to the permit have concluded or the opportunity to initiate such appeals have lapsed.
(2) When a substantial development permit and a conditional use or variance permit are required for a development, the submittal on the permits shall be made concurrently.
(3) A complete submittal shall consist of the following documents and information:
(a) A copy of the complete application pursuant to WAC 173-27-180;
(b) Findings and conclusions that establish the basis for the decision including, but not limited to, identification of shoreline environment designation, applicable master program policies and regulations and the consistency of the project with appropriate review criteria for the type of permit(s) as established in WAC 173-27-140 through 173-27-170;
(c) The final decision of the local government;
(d) The permit data sheet required by WAC 173-27-190; and
(e) Where applicable, local government shall also file the applicable documents required by chapter 43.21C RCW, the State Environmental Policy Act, or in lieu thereof, a statement summarizing the actions and dates of such actions taken under chapter 43.21C RCW.
(4) When the project has been modified in the course of the local review process, plans or text shall be provided to the department that clearly indicate the final approved plan.
(5) Submittal of substantial development permits, conditional use permits, variances, rescissions and revisions is complete when all of the documents required pursuant to subsections (3) and (4) of this section have been received by the department. If the department determines that the submittal does not contain all of the documents and information required by this section, the department shall identify the deficiencies and so notify local government and the applicant in writing. Ecology will not act on conditional use permit or variance submittal until the material requested in writing is submitted to the department.
(6) "Date of filing" of a local government final decision involving approval or denial of a substantial development permit is the date of actual receipt by the department of a local government's final decision on the permit.
(7) "Date of filing" involving approval or denial of a variance or conditional use permit, is the date of transmittal of the department's final decision on the variance or conditional use permit to local government and the applicant.
(8) Date of filing for a substantial development permit transmitted simultaneously with a shoreline conditional use permit or variance, or both, has the same meaning as subsection (7) of this section.
(9) The department shall notify the local government and applicant of the date of filing by telephone or electronic means, followed by written communication, to ensure that the applicant has received the full written decision.
(10) Any decision on an application for a permit under the authority of this section, whether it is an approval or a denial, shall, concurrently with the transmittal of the ruling to the applicant, be filed with the department and the attorney general.
(11) When a permit has been appealed pursuant to RCW 90.58.180, upon conclusion of all review proceedings, a copy of the final order shall be provided by the local government to the department. When the project has been modified in the course of the review proceeding, plans or text shall be provided to the local government, consistent with the provisions of WAC 173-27-180, that clearly indicate the final approved plan and the local government shall reissue the permit accordingly and submit a copy of the reissued permit and supporting documents consistent with subsection (3) of this section to the department for completion of the file on the permit. The purpose of this provision is to assure that the local and department files on the permit are complete and accurate and not to provide a new opportunity for appeal of the permit.
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