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PDFWAC 173-226-080

Other terms and conditions.

(1) In addition to the requirements of WAC 173-226-070, 173-226-090, and 173-226-180, each general permit shall require:
(a) All discharges authorized by the general permit shall be consistent with the terms and conditions of the permit.
(b) Any facility expansions, production increases, or process modifications that would result in new or increased discharges of pollutants causing effluent limitations in the general permit to be exceeded or beyond which was reported in the application for coverage, must be reported to the department by submission of a new application or supplement thereto.
(c) Unless notified to the contrary by the department all notices submitted pursuant to (b) of this subsection shall comply with the application requirements of WAC 173-226-200(3).
(d) Any discharge of any pollutant more frequent than or at a level in excess of that identified and authorized by the general permit shall constitute a violation of the terms and conditions of the general permit.
(e) The director may terminate coverage under a general permit for cause. Cases where coverage under a general permit may be terminated include, but are not limited to, those contained in WAC 173-226-240(1).
(f) The director may require any discharger to apply for and obtain an individual permit, or to apply for and obtain coverage under another more specific general permit.
(g) General permits may be issued, modified, revoked and reissued, or terminated in accordance with the other provisions of this chapter. Grounds for modification or revocation and reissuance include but are not limited to those contained in WAC 173-226-230.
(h) The permittee shall allow the department or its authorized representative, upon the presentation of credentials and such other documents as may be required by law, at reasonable times:
(i) To enter upon permittee's premises in which an effluent source is located or in which any records are required to be kept under terms and conditions of the permit;
(ii) To have access to, and to copy at reasonable cost, any records required to be kept under terms and conditions of the permit;
(iii) To inspect any monitoring equipment or method required in the permit; and/or
(iv) To sample any discharge of pollutants.
(i) The permittee shall at all times properly operate and maintain any facilities or systems of control to achieve compliance with the terms and conditions of the general permit. Where design criteria have been established, the permittee shall not allow flows or waste loadings to exceed approved design criteria, or approved revisions thereto.
(j) The discharge of pollutants resulting from activities not covered under the general permit for which the discharger has requested coverage, shall be a violation of the terms and conditions of the general permit.
(2) General permits shall specify the contents of the application for coverage, the deadlines for submitting applications for coverage, the date(s) and/or the process by which coverage is granted, and the criteria for coverage.
(3) Any discharger authorized by a general permit may request to be excluded from coverage under the general permit by applying for and being issued an individual permit. The discharger shall submit to the director an application as described in WAC 173-220-040, with reasons supporting the request. The director shall either issue an individual permit or deny the request with a statement explaining the reason for denial.
(4) When an individual permit is issued to a discharger otherwise subject to a general permit, the applicability of the general permit to that permittee is automatically terminated on the effective date of the individual permit.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.48 RCW. WSR 93-10-099 (Order 92-55), ยง 173-226-080, filed 5/5/93, effective 5/19/93.]
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