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PDFWAC 173-219-200

Plan review and review standards.

(1) Plan review required. All feasibility, planning, design, and construction documents and, if applicable, associated fees, must be submitted to the lead agency for review and approval before constructing or significantly modifying reclaimed water facilities.
The lead agency will comment on, approve, or reject documents submitted for planning, design, and/or construction within ninety calendar days of receipt. If circumstances prevent adequate review within a period of ninety days, the lead agency must notify the entity of the reason for the delay and provide an estimated review completion date.
(2) Review standards. The lead agency and nonlead agency, if applicable, must review all applications, plans, analyses, engineering reports, and operations and maintenance manuals to ensure they are reasonably consistent with the appropriate sections of the most recent edition of ecology's guidance, Criteria for Sewage Works Design (orange book) and ecology and health's guidance, Reclaimed Water Facilities Manual (purple book). Additional review references may include, but are not limited to, the documents listed in WAC 173-240-040. The purpose of the review is to evaluate whether the proposed reclaimed water facilities meet:
(a) State standards and other requirements for the generation, distribution, and use of reclaimed water under this chapter and chapter 90.46 RCW.
(b) Applicable requirements of chapters 90.48 and 90.54 RCW necessary to prevent and control pollution of waters of the state.
(c) Applicable requirements of chapter 70.118, 70.118A, 70.118B, 70.119, 70.119A, or 43.20 RCW with respect to on-site sewage systems or public water systems.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.46.015. WSR 18-03-166 (Order 06-12), ยง 173-219-200, filed 1/23/18, effective 2/23/18.]
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