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PDFWAC 173-182-850

Significant changes in spill management team (SMT) or wildlife response service provider (WRSP) applications require notification.

(1) The SMT or WRSP is responsible to provide written notification to ecology and all plan holders to whom they are obligated, within twenty-four hours, of any significant change in the information reported in the approved application.
(2) Changes which are considered significant include:
(a) Permanent loss of personnel identified to fill ICS positions for plan holders;
(b) Modification or discontinuing of any mutual aid, letter of intent, permit, or contract agreement;
(c) Change in personnel availability due to personnel being out of their regular homeport or office location to support a spill response.
(3) Notification by email will be considered written notice.
(4) Failure to report changes could result in the loss of approval.
(5) If ecology determines that application approval conditions found in WAC 173-182-840 are no longer met, approval may be revoked. The SMT or WRSP will receive a written notice of the loss of approval and a time period to either appeal or correct the deficiency.
(6) Ecology will immediately notify plan holders of changes in the approval status of the application or significant changes in SMT or WRSP capability.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.46.0601, 88.46.060, 88.46.120, 88.46.068, 90.56.2101, 90.56.210, 90.56.240, 90.56.569, 90.56.050, and 90.56.005. WSR 20-01-165 (Order 18-10), ยง 173-182-850, filed 12/18/19, effective 1/18/20.]
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