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PDFWAC 173-182-830

Spill management team (SMT) and wildlife response service provider (WRSP) application requirements.

Requirements to become a state-approved spill management team or wildlife response service provider, including:
(1) Submission of an application as set forth in WAC 173-182-840;
(2) Have a process to provide twenty-four-hour/day contact for spill management;
(3) Commit to begin mobilization efforts immediately upon notification but no later than two hours from notification of a spill;
(4) Commit to ensuring the incident commander is able to arrive in the state within six hours after notification of a spill, if the SMT is contracted to fill the role;
(5) Assist plan holders in meeting the requirements for plans and drills in Washington;
(6) Commit to the implementation and use of the contingency plan(s) to which they are contracted during a spill and substantial threat of a spill, and to the training of personnel to implement the plan;
(7) Commit to working in unified command within the incident command system to ensure that all personnel and equipment resources necessary to the response will be called out to cleanup the spill safely and to the maximum extent practicable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 88.46.0601, 88.46.060, 88.46.120, 88.46.068, 90.56.2101, 90.56.210, 90.56.240, 90.56.569, 90.56.050, and 90.56.005. WSR 20-01-165 (Order 18-10), ยง 173-182-830, filed 12/18/19, effective 1/18/20.]
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