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PDFWAC 173-18-140

Ferry County.

Stream Name
Name and Size
Legal Description
Boulder Creek
Orient 15
Orient 7 1/2
From the Colville National Forest boundary (Sec.36, T39N, R36E) downstream to mouth at Kettle River and Stevens County line (same section).
Columbia River (Cont.)*
Marcus 7 1/2
All of Columbia River (Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake) within Ferry County is under federal jurisdiction.
Curlew Creek
Curlew 15
From the confluence of Curlew Creek and St. Peter Creek (Sec.11, T38N, R33E) downstream to Kettle River (Sec.14, T39N, R33E).
Kettle River*
Bodie Mtn. 15
Curlew 15
Togo Mtn. 15
Laurier 7 1/2
Orient 7 1/2
From the United States - Canada border (Sec.3, T40N, R32E) downstream to said border (Sec.3, T40N, R34E) returning to the U.S. (Sec.2, T40N, R36E) right bank only downstream to (Sec.20, T38N, R37E) excluding all Colville National Forest lands. The flow exceeds 200 cfs MAF at United States - Canada boundary.
Sanpoil River
Republic 15
Mtn. 15
Keller 15
Wilbur 15
From the confluence of Sanpoil River and O'Brien Creek (Sec.5, T36N, R33E) downstream to federal boundary (Sec.12, T35N, R32E).
Toroda Creek (Cont.)
Bodie Mtn. 15
From the Intersection of Nickolson Creek and Toroda Creek (Sec.30, T40N, R32E) downstream to mouth at Kettle River near Toroda (Sec.27, same township).
Sherman Creek
Kettle Falls 15
From the Colville National Forest boundary (Sec.30, T36N, R37E) downstream to mouth at Columbia River (Sec.27, T36N, R37E).
[Order DE 76-14, § 173-18-140, filed 5/3/76; Order 73-14, § 173-18-140, filed 8/27/73; Order DE 72-13, § 173-18-140, filed 6/30/72.]
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