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PDFWAC 173-175-390

Payment of construction permit fees.

(1) The amount of the construction permit fee will be determined by the department based upon procedures contained in WAC 173-175-360 and 173-175-370 and information contained in the construction plans.
(a) An initial payment, which may represent all or a portion of the construction permit fee shall be paid in conjunction with the submittal of the construction permit application described in WAC 173-175-120. The amount of the initial payment shall be:
(i) Ten dollars for the removal of a dam with safety deficiencies as described in WAC 173-175-370(3); or
(ii) One thousand eight hundred ninety dollars for construction of a new dam or modification of an existing dam or project through June 30, 2012, and one thousand nine hundred seventy-seven dollars thereafter.
(b) The balance of the fee amount (less the initial payment above) is to be paid following notification by the department of the balance due.
(c) All fees collected are nonrefundable.
(2) No fee shall be required for the review of conceptual plans which describe proposed repairs or improvements to existing dams to correct safety deficiencies. The normal construction permit process will apply at the time plans and specifications are submitted to the department.
(3) No additional fees shall be required for plan and specification changes and resubmittals required by the department as part of the review process.
(4) No additional fees shall be required for review of construction change orders.
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