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PDFWAC 173-173-045


(1) "Approved measuring device" means an instrument or facility constructed and operated in conformance with the requirements of this chapter and that measures the volume or flow rate of water which is diverted, withdrawn, stored, or used.
(2) "Approved measuring method" means a procedure approved by the department, which, when used with an approved measuring device (if applicable), will allow for an accurate computation of flow rate.
(3) "Control" means a feature that determines the stage-discharge relation. This feature may be a natural constriction of the channel, an artificial structure, or a uniform cross section over a long reach of the channel.
(4) "Cfs" means cubic feet per second.
(5) "Controlling work" means a device or structure used for diverting, withdrawing, pumping, impounding, storing, measuring, piping, conserving, conveying, confining or using water.
(6) "Department" means the department of ecology.
(7) "Diversion" means to divert water from one course to another. Diversion, when used without qualification, includes the diversion of surface water and the withdrawal of groundwater.
(8) "Flow rate" means the volume of water that passes through a specific cross section of a pipe or open channel in a specified period of time.
(9) "Gpm" means gallons per minute.
(10) "Open channel flow" means water moving though a canal, flume, ditch, or other unenclosed conduit, and may include flow in a pipe if the pipe is not full and is not under pressure.
(11) "Pipeflow" means water moving through a closed conduit under pressure.
(12) "Rated section" means a cross-section of a stream, river or ditch where a unique relationship between the stage and flow rate has been determined.
(13) "Rating curve" means the relationship between stage and flow rate in a rated stream section.
(14) "Responsible party" means an owner, owners, manager, or appropriator required by RCW 90.03.360, 90.44.050, 90.44.250 and 90.44.450, or by a permit, rule, or order issued pursuant to these laws, to use a measuring device or method approved by the department.
(15) "Stage" means the elevation of a water surface in relation to a datum or reference point.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.03.360, 90.44.050, [90.44.]250, [90.44.]450 and chapter 43.21A RCW. WSR 02-02-017 (Order 00-01), ยง 173-173-045, filed 12/21/01, effective 1/21/02.]
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