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PDFWAC 173-165-020


The definitions included in this chapter are intended solely for the implementation of this chapter. This applies to the definitions in this section and those in WAC 173-165-100, Compliance and enforcement.
"Applicant" means an individual who has submitted an application to become a certified water right examiner, but has not yet obtained certification.
"Client" means the water right permit or change authorization holder (permittee) that hires the certified water right examiner.
"CWRE" stands for "certified water right examiner" and, when used for clarification in this chapter, denotes elements of the CWRE process and function, such as the CWRE coordinator, certification under this chapter, the list of certified water right examiners, or the proof examinations, reports, and recommendations made by certified water right examiners under this chapter.
"CWRE investigative committee" means a group that may be formed to investigate or to review corrective action proposals if ecology suspects malfeasance, receives excessive complaints from clients, or finds a pattern of poor performance. The committee may be convened on an as needed basis at any time and may include:
(a) The CWRE coordinator.
(b) Regional water right permitting staff.
(c) Other program staff or managers.
(d) Other ecology staff or managers.
(e) Assistant attorney(s) general.
(f) Others with expertise appropriate to the process.
"Permitted water use" means a water use authorized by a water right permit or change authorization.
"Permittee" means the person or entity that holds the water right permit or change authorization.
"Program" means ecology's water resources program or its successor.
"Proof examination" means a field inspection of a water use authorized by a water right permit or change authorization to determine the quantity of water put to beneficial use and verify other aspects reported in the proof of appropriation.
"Proof report of examination" means the detailed account of the beneficial use of water verified by a proof examination, which the certified water right examiner submits to ecology to support ecology's decisions on issuing a water right certificate.
"Qualified water conservancy board commissioner" means an appointed commissioner of a water conservancy board who is in compliance with all training requirements and is serving within an unexpired term of appointment.
"Revocation," "revoke," or "revoking" means a CWRE certification is completely invalidated with sanctions.
"Suspension," "suspend," or "suspending" means temporary postponement or limitation of a certified water right examiner's certification authorities.
"Water right certification" includes water right certifications, superseding certifications, certificates of change, or amended claims.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.03.665(11), 43.27A.090(11), and 43.21A.064(9). WSR 12-24-031 (Order 11-03), ยง 173-165-020, filed 11/28/12, effective 12/29/12.]
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