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PDFWAC 173-162-095

What should I know about the written and on-site examinations?

The written and on-site examinations for licenses issued under this chapter are prepared, administered, and evaluated by the department.
(1) What subjects will the written exam cover? The examinations are prepared to test the knowledge and understanding of the following subjects:
(a) Washington state groundwater laws as they relate to constructing and decommissioning wells;
(b) Sanitary standards for constructing wells;
(c) Types of well construction and decommissioning;
(d) Drilling techniques, tools and equipment;
(e) Geology (including soil and rock description) as it relates to well construction;
(f) Rules and regulations of the department relating to constructing a well, test pumping, and equipment maintenance;
(g) Preparation of intent forms, well reports, and requests for variances;
(h) Township and range location system as it relates to location of wells;
(i) Basic groundwater hydraulics as it relates to well construction and protection of the resource; and
(j) Rules and regulations of the Washington state department of health relating to source approval and source protection of public drinking water systems.
(2) What subjects will the on-site test cover?
The on-site examination shall test the applicant's field skills and knowledge in the following areas:
(a) Safety.
(b) General knowledge of equipment operation.
(c) Equipment maintenance.
(d) Drilling knowledge.
(e) Well development.
(f) Implementation of the construction standards under chapter 173-160 WAC.
(3) When and where are the written examinations given?
(a) Examinations will be held at such a time and place as may be determined by the department, but not later than thirty days after the department accepts the completed application package consisting of:
(i) A completed application form with appropriate fee; and
(ii) Proof of required continuing education; and
(iii) Proof of required drilling experience.
(b) Upon receipt of a completed application package, the department shall notify you of the date, time and place of the next scheduled written examination. You shall notify the department at least twenty-four hours prior to your scheduled exam date if you cannot meet the examination schedule. Your notice shall include the reason(s) why you cannot meet the schedule. If you fail to notify the department, or fail to reschedule your exam within thirty days of your initial exam date, you will forfeit your application and fee. You must submit a new application and fee in accordance with WAC 173-162-060 if you wish to take the exam.
(c) If your application package is received after an examination has been scheduled and there is either insufficient time for the department to notify you of the time and place of the examination or you are unable to take the examination at the scheduled time, the thirty-day period will start from the scheduled examination date.
(4) When and where are the on-site examinations given?
(a) You must pass the written exam before you can take the on-site exam.
(b) If you are required to take an on-site examination you will receive an authorization form along with the confirmation of your written test results.
(c) You and the department will schedule a mutually agreed upon time and place for the on-site exam. RCW 18.104.080 requires that examinations be held within thirty days after a completed application is filed with the department.
(d) You shall arrange for all the equipment, materials, and location for the on-site examination.
(e) The department must be present during the on-site examination.
(5) When will I be notified of the results of my written and on-site examination?
The department shall notify you of your test results within ten days after each examination.
(6) If I fail an exam, may I take a retest?
(a) If you fail the written or on-site exam, you shall not be entitled to take the examination, or any parts of the examination for a period of thirty days from the date of your original examination.
(b) If you failed to pass the written exam, you are considered a new applicant in all respects.
(c) If you fail the on-site exam, you will be required to arrange a retest after a thirty-day waiting period. You will not be required to retake the written exam.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.104 RCW. WSR 06-23-121 (Order 06-08), § 173-162-095, filed 11/21/06, effective 12/22/06. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.104 RCW and RCW 43.21A.080. WSR 98-08-031 (Order 97-08), § 173-162-095, filed 3/23/98, effective 4/23/98.]
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